Decorative accessories using for the bath handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy

The form, the essence and the quality that only the expert hand of a craftsman can provide.

We are proud to remain anartisan company, which in addition to being attentive to the customers and their various needs, is aware of have the main strength in the deep relationship of respect and cooperation with the local workers, with whom we work every day to make all of our products.

The awareness of our network of partners, makes us confident of the high quality of all products manufactured that are truly "Made in italy" or simply made with care and attention from our network of craftsmen, with a process that starts from the procurement of raw materials and ends with the realization and distribution of the finished product.

Customers who choose to buy accessories Idearredobagno will enjoy the same attention and care that we put into the creation of our products.

Good purchase!

Our workshop

Care for the product and the wisdom of over 30 years of experience in the production of elements for the bathroom.

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We give shape to your projects custom

The strength and the elasticity of quality production and on a small scale.

For bespoke accessories that follow the needs of your bathroom contact us in company; we provide machining custom, with the great quality of a handmade product and the price advantage of the factory.