White ceramic toothbrush glass


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Spare part for glass door, electric toothbrushes ceramic

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Glass door, electric toothbrushes replacement parts for bathroom accessories, made of white ceramic.
Spare to use for accessories free standing or suspended from, on stands , or set of supports to sink. Glass simple and compact, form a harmonious and refined, adapting to various styles bathroom with simplicity and quality.

CERAMIC | Cleaning and maintenance

Always dry the surfaces using a microfibre cloth to avoid the formation of unsightly calcium stains.
It is not advisable to use any type of detergent and abrasive, detergents and alcohol-based disinfectants or strongly acidic/basic (e.g. detergents containing hydrofluoric acid or basic solutions such as caustic soda), solvents, nitrous and acetone.

To maintain the characteristics of the ceramic is just a regular washing with water and a non-abrasive cleaner (gel, cream or spray) to the base of bleach, using a sponge, soft, non-abrasive, to remove soap residue and prevent the formation of limescale.


IdeArredoBagno offers accessories made in Italy, with raw materials of high quality, safe for health and guaranteed over time.
Contact us for more details on sizes and shapes of the products available.

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Height10,5 cm
Base Diameter6,2 cm
The larger diameter upper8 cm

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White ceramic toothbrush glass
Spare part for glass door, electric toothbrushes ceramic

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White ceramic toothbrush glass (14.3 EUR)

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